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RecoverPRO is one on the most tasty and surefire ways to help your muscles recover and build lean mass quickly.


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Product Description

As an athlete, bodybuilder, or gym enthusiast you know just how much a grueling workout can breakdown your muscle - a requirement for subsequent muscle growth.  You also have felt how tiring and exhausting a long cardio session can be.  The breakdown of muscle and endurance training are necessary for performance enhancement.  If fitness was easy, everyone would do it.  Wouldn't it be nice if there were ways to increase muscle protein synthesis to heal muscle breakdown faster, ways to increase endurance so you can stay on the treadmill longer?  Well there is.  Science has shown that supplementing with a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) cocktail can significantly increase nitrogen retention in the muscle, increase protein synthesis, and increase endurance.

We at AI Sports Nutrition are all about giving our customers what they need to meet their goals.  For this, we bring to you RecoverPRO. 


Mix your desired amount of BCAA’s into water and consume pre-, during, and post-workout.


Less than 160 lbs = 1 scoop
160-180 lbs = 2 scoops
Over 180 lbs = 3 scoops

Write Up:

BCAA’s consist of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, which are amino acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein is what your muscles need to be able to recovery and grow.

Consuming free form amino acids, in the form of BCAA’s will provide a quick boost to your amino acid pool, and therefore increase recovery, endurance, vascularity, and many other things.


Q.  What is RecoverPRO?

A.  A great tasting BCAA drink, meant to be consumed pre, during, and post workout.

Q.  How should I dose this?

A.  Take your desired amount of BCAAs mix in water.  We recommend 2-6 scoops, or more, depending on body weight.

Q.  Do I need to take this with food?

A.  No  

Q.  How long can I take this?

A.  BCAA’s do not need to be cycled, and can be taken for as long as you would like.

Q.  Can women take this?

A.  Certainly!

Q.  Can I combine RecoverPRO with other AI Sports Nutrition products?

A.  Absolutely.  It would combine well with any of our other products.



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