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3Z 90 Capsules (PLUS HGHPRO TRIAL)

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Fall Asleep. Stay Asleep. Wake up Refreshed!

3Z 90 Capsules (PLUS HGHPRO TRIAL)

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Demand More From Your Sleep!!

Use 3Z!

Taking 3Z before bed will help you get the deep, restorative sleep that your body desperately wants and needs.


Millions of people would agree, falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up refreshed has been impossible for them.   3Z turns what was once thought impossible into a regular, nightly occurrence.

Proper rest is one of the most critical components to your health. Your body’s ability to recover properly depends on it. Long term regular sleep loss can contribute to immune system deficiencies, weight gain, high blood pressure, lack of energy, lack of motivation and irritability.  Impatience, moodiness, and difficulty concentrating can also be due to a lack of quality sleep.

During periods of deep sleep, many of the important metabolic processes occur; such as hormone creation. This is also when our bodies are engaged in the repair process.  Broken sleep, as well as not getting enough sleep, will disrupt this critical repair process and create inefficiencies. Lack of energy from poor sleep can have you relying too heavily on stimulants, such as caffeine, to get through the day.

Every ingredient in AI Sports Nutrition’s 3Z was carefully chosen to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and optimize the natural processes that occur during sleep. 3Z does not force your body to sleep, but rather sets up the positive state for you to wind down and fall asleep naturally. This allows the body to go through its natural sleep cycle and lets you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. 3Z also has many health benefits and is non-addictive, where prescription sleep aids can be. You will also not wake up groggy or sleep through your alarm.

Valerian root is well known for its ability to help us relax.  Passion flower also aids in that initial relaxation, as well as providing an analgesic effect which can reduce headaches, muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, and light aches. These ingredients make falling asleep easier, and help us to stay asleep throughout the night.

Magnolia bark extract has been shown to help reduce sleep disturbances.  In addition it provides a synergistic effect with the other critical ingredients in 3Z. Reducing or eliminating the amount of times you wake up during the night is critical for the body to repair itself and get through the proper sleep cycle.

Bacopa Monieri has been shown to reduce anxiety, as well as having neuro-regenerative effects. This will result in falling asleep with ease and more importantly, improving the overall quality of our sleep. Most users report that 3Z takes the edge off and helps them “slow” down their minds to enter a state of relaxation.

Bioperine was included in 3Z to enhance the absorption of all the other ingredients.  Biopreine has been shown to increase serum levels of nutrients taken with it anywhere from 30-60%!

One major difference in 3Z compared to other sleep products is the addition of copper.  The majority of the population is deficient in copper.  Copper plays a role in many of our bodily functions including muscle function and the health of your brain and cognitive abilities. People taking 3Z report feeling better and having a better mind- body connection.

Zinc has long been known for its many roles and effects on the body’s natural processes.  Some major responsibilities of zinc include:  effects on immune function, wound healing, protein synthesis and hormone synthesis. As the human body has no way to store zinc, we need to ensure that we get adequate amounts daily.  Zinc Citrate is used in 3Z to allow proper absorption of both copper and zinc.

Magnesium deficiencies contribute to restless leg syndrome as well as insomnia. Although the body is capable of storing magnesium, most people have a diet that leads to a magnesium deficiency, leaving them prone to sleep related disorders. Supplementation with magnesium has been shown to improve sleep quality.


·     Helps you fall asleep faster

·     Helps you sleep deeper

·     Decreases interruptions in sleep

·     Enhances natural GABA release

·     Reduces Anxiety

·     Reduces restless leg syndrome

·     Optimizes night time hormone release

·     Maximizes your body’s ability to repair and heal

·     Eliminates mineral deficiencies

·     Increases growth hormone levels




Passion Flower 


















Synergistic with:

3Z is a very versatile product.  The sleep benefits by themselves are amazing, but to take advantage of the increased recovery from the sleep, try stacking it with Massularia, TestoPRO, DAA, or Stoked!


As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules approximately 45 minutes before bed.

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