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Testosterone Stack (DAA 300g + TestoPRO)

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We at AI Sports Nutrition understand that testosterone is a key element in building muscle, burning fat, and feeling like a man. With that said, we bring to you the testosterone stack!

Testosterone Stack (DAA 300g + TestoPRO)

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Testosterone stack

Chicks, cars, steak, football; all things that define what it is to be a man, but is that everything?  What is it that makes you think about chicks, want to drive a fast car, eat a big steak, or watch two people crack their heads into each other?  One answer and that is testosterone.  Testosterone is the key hormone for men; it makes us strong, lean, and gives us the alpha mentality that makes us do all things male.  Without proper levels of this we become weak, fat, and overall in a “blue” mood.

We at AI Sports Nutrition understand that testosterone is a key element in building muscle, burning fat, and feeling like a man.  With that said, we bring to you the testosterone stack, consisting of two time tested and proven products; TestoPRO and D – Aspartic Acid.


Testosterone -It is the male’s physical life-blood. You don't want to have low levels under any condition.  TestoPRO will make sure that your levels are never in short supply. You are obviously reading this because you want to be bigger, stronger, and be at the top of your game performance wise. TestoPRO can make that happen and then some. TestoPRO is an all natural test-booster that uses only the most scientifically proven ingredients to elevate testosterone levels. You can expect more strength leading to heavier lifts, more muscle mass increase, lots of natural energy, and a libido that will go absolutely through the roof. So get your TestoPRO today and start dominating your life like you should be. Nuff Said!

D – Aspartic Acid:

Very rarely does a supplement come to the market that is as efficient as DAA.  DAA, an all natural testosterone booster, is capable of raising testosterone levels by 42% in only 12 days.  The dose used in human studies, shown to boost testosterone is the dose we have put in our DAA product.  So you get exactly what you need!

How does DAA work?  It works by increasing the levels of Luteinizing hormone in the body, which has a corresponding effect of increasing testosterone levels.

What else can DAA do?  It can boost dopamine, and GABA levels, as well as possessing the ability to enhance nitric oxide production.

All in all, you are getting a very fast and potent increase in testosterone levels, as well as accompanying increases in dopamine and GABA, all while increasing nitric oxide levels.  Add these abilities together, and you get a very potent combination capable of causing drastic increase in lean body mass.

Suggested Dosing Scheme for The Testosterone Stack:

TestoPRO: 2 caps in the AM, 2 caps in the PM.  For a total of 4 caps per day.

DAA: 1 scoop (3 grams) first thing in the morning, every day.

If you want to maximize your results, we carry other products that would be a great stack!  Namely Massularia for additional testosterone and strength increases!

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