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  1. Turbo Tub

    Turbo Tub


    All the energy you need in a convenient tub! The Turbo Stix Tub is
    packed with 20 individual Turbo Stix. Full of Caffeine, Vitamin B12, and Electrolytes, these quick shot energy stix will become your new favorite "go to" for that needed quick boost!

    Choose your favorite flavor or try them all in the variety tub!
    Learn More
  2. Furious™



    You will feel the extremely powerful, full-body energizing, and mood elevating effects of FURIOUS™ within only minutes after your very first dose. This is an extremely advanced formula for serious lifters and athletes only. Be prepared to experience workouts that defy description and in turn radically propel you to unleash your fury! Learn More
  3. Furious™ & Agmatine Combo

    Furious™ & Agmatine Combo


    Agmatine and Furious
    We put this stack together at a substantially lower price, because everyone loves the pump! Learn More

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