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Testopro Review by Shaun
The most effective booster I have used! I have used this product multiple times and each time Ive had positive results. Strength went through the roof, muscles became more defined. My muscles were full and my veins were poppin! (Posted on 9/21/15)
Serious Testosterone Booster Review by Haden Bell
I have never been a firm believer in Testosterone boosters until I took TestoPro. I gave it about 6 weeks until I gave my opinion on it...one thing for sure is that it works like a charm. I saw some serious lean muscle gains and my strength had also increased on my max lifts. It is becoming a must in my stack! (Posted on 2/6/15)
Awesome! Review by Patrick Lynch
By far the best test booster I've taken. Helps libido, strength in workouts and putting on a few pounds of mass. I can tell a big difference when taking this product. (Posted on 9/9/14)
Great Stuff Review by Matt
I had just finished this product as part of the transformation stack and was impressed with the results. The ingredients were spot on and contain the following:

Testofen (Fengreek Extract) 300mg

The key component in attempting to free test. It also claims to aid in fat loss as well.

TestoPro Complex (Prop Blend) 600mg

Divanil: Binding agent, binds to sex hormones, allowing more free test ratios.

Indole-3-Carbinol: Estrogen Modulator

Quercetin: Pathway inhibitor allowing maximum bio-availability.

BioPerine: Increases metabolic processes through thermogenic activity.

Overall I had great success with this product and made strength gains and looking real lean.
(Posted on 1/11/14)
AI sports Supplements are the only ones i can count on for gains. As a natural athlete, I need to find the best edge I can without the use of Ph's/DS. TestoPro is simply "That" supplement. Taking it alone i experience increased Strength, Lean Mass, Libido, increased pumps in the gym. taking this alone in 30 days i managed to put of 4 solid lbs. When i added Stoked into the mix on my next run in 30 days i managed to put on 7 Lean hard lbs! I also used Recovery PRO, Maniac, on this run.! I recommend these to anyone looking for the best natural way to put on nice Size and A lot of STRENGTH. Why damage your body using hormones when you can use These and KEEEP YOUR GAINS! My next run is TESTOPRO/STOKED/MASSULARIA! I CANNOT WAIT! I hope AI keeps coming out with Products. Also Their Customer Service is fantastic. (Posted on 1/11/14)
TestoPro Review by Nick
i was skeptical about supplements at first when my friend reccomended this to me as a way to get into the supplement world outside of proteins and things like that and i loved it...
After the first weeks you could physically tell that it works! im seeing veins pop up and my muscles look harder and better than i imagined it would. I took this for 8 weeks and i upped my bench from doing 225lbs about 3 times to 6 within the 8 week time frame which was huge! I would and have reccomended this to multiple people who might not be looking to be huge but to be lean and still get results fast!

Ai is my new place to go for any types of supplements! their test boosters are ridiculous! im definately gonna keep buying :) (Posted on 9/3/12)
TestoPro is amazing! Review by JusTrying2BeHuge
If you are looking for a solid natural testosterone booster, then this is the one. I took this for almost 2 months, and i have to say it was one of the best test boosters I have ever tried. Okay so down to the facts, TestoPro is extremely affordable. Compared to all the other test booster on the market, nothing can compare. While on TestoPro I notice my body started looking harder, my muscles would stay hard and full through out the day. From day one I was getting great pumps. The biggest thing that sold me on TestoPro was after about the second week my strength went through the roof. Definitively the best test booster on the market. Keep it up AI Sports Nutrition! Great products ! (Posted on 1/15/12)
PCT SUPPORT Review by Jherman08
I was graciously given the opportunity to run this during my pct for my first prohormone (halodrol). Being my first prohormone/pct i screwed up my SERM dosing and had to under dose it for week 3, and completely ran out before i could do my 4th week. I didnt really think about this error until recently and really think testopro saved my pct. Using testopro allowed me to extend my 3 week pct into a 6 week pct. I was still having a little soreness (down there) from time to time during week 3 of pct, but since have been completely pain free. As a natural test booster i would say ingredient wise and proven studies wise testopro is the best. Its not just filled with 100 different ingredients, it has the best of the best. Anyone looking for a natural test booster should give this a try, and anyone adding a natural test booster into their pct should look into trying this out! (Posted on 1/3/12)
Testopro by A.I a review Review by Joe
I've been on this for 5 weeks and I love it, so far I've gained 6-7 solid pounds! My strength has gone up across the board! Testo pro will work for you just give it a try!!! (Posted on 11/22/11)
Testosterone booster Review by John Smeton
Testopro contains a couple ingredients to riase testosterone and lower estrogen. Testofen has been to raise free testosterone over 98 % in an in house study. there have also been reports on pubmed it increasing growth hormone. Divinal is said to raise testosterone levels.

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) is the stuff in cabbage, brussel sprouts and broccli that Studies increasingly indicate that prevents the development of estrogen-enhanced cancers including breast, endometrial and cervical cancers.

I use this stuff for eight weeks at a time and take a break because the studies were done on eight weeks (Posted on 9/28/11)

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