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Excellent! Review by Alpine
I had never taken a product like Glycobol before that mentioned nutrient partioning. I was very skeptical to say the least. Just another marketing gimmick in supplement world. NOPE! This stuff is real deal. I just finished a show and added 200g+ carbs a day back into my food plan and my Glycobol is helping keep me lean and the most vascular ive ever been. I take 2 pills with my pre-workout meal and been getting best pumps at gym ive ever got before. I will be staying on this product with a 2nd bottle purchase for sure! (Posted on 9/10/14)
Best product ever! Review by Chizzle
Glycobol is by far favorite product ever created, I use it year round for both off season and contest prep. I use it with each and every carb meal. It allows my body to efficiently transport the glycogen from the carbs into my muscles and keeps that fully tight and vascular look always there..not too mention it makes for some out of this world pumps in the gym! (Posted on 9/10/14)
jacked! Review by dylanhowe
This product simply amazes me. I started taking it after I bulked up 10lbs after contests and had put on some fat. Basically I was keeping a lot of carbs around my abdomen. So, I began to take this product and I still weigh the same but im losing fat it's incredible!!!!! Strongly recommend for anyone trying to keep off excess body fat during a bulk. (Posted on 8/24/14)
A skeptic converted Review by Matt
When I first got my first bottle of Glycobol with my transformation stack I was very skeptical from the results I read but now that I have finished my first bottle I got to say wow the people were right,

About halfway through the bottle I noticed a improve leanness to my body that has carried on even after I completed the bottle. Even when I ate more food over the holidays I didn't bloat up and still was looking and feeling lean.

Overall stacked with HGH PRO and TEST PRO I had increased strength gains and was looking a lot leaner and more muscle tone. (Posted on 1/11/14)
One of the best GDA available!! Review by liquid
One of the best formulations in the market for glucose disposing agents (gda)

I have used other gda's such as Recompadrol, Slin Sane, and Slin. I am currently on my ninth bottle and purchased another one for just in case. This is how much I believe in this product. By comparison to others, Glycobol's formula is more well rounded, therefore, works better.

Generally it is suggested for using as cutting or a bulking phase to keep excessive fat gain. But generally I just use it not in a cut or a bulk phase, but to keep the fat gain from my general carb intake.

Recently I have come across an idea from a member in forum about combining a pre workout shake and a cap of Glycobol and the pumps were amazing, which is a plus.

There is a minor problem though, and that is the green/wet poops. I have found out that if you take it 15 minutes and then eat your meal, you can avoid that situation.

Best of luck if you decide to purchase Glycobol, I am sure you would love it. (Posted on 1/23/12)
For me Glycobol was very effective in a sense that i held better full-ness throughout the day and allowed me to keep fat gain to a minimum even while at 4-5k calories! Review by TheTinyGuy
-Body Composition & Full-ness 10/10
From a few doses in i definitely noticed something different about how i looked and felt. The mirror showed less "bloat" which i find it a little hard to describe but all i can think of is possibly my super high carbs were being utilized for muscle glycogen because almost everyone who saw me at work told me i looked leaner and bigger which definitely boosted my confidence for the day. Also showed others that i wasn't just going crazy. The fact that i continue to get bigger and look leaner is a huge plus for me! I also noticed a tighter skinned feeling maybe associated with a slight pump at times throughout the day.

-Pumps 10/10
There is a big reason i'm giving this a 10 for pumps because when i trained with the mind numbing intensity i could produce i noticed gigantic, almost painful pumps that made me feel like a giant (with friends to back that up haha) I experienced some of the best calve pumps with glycobol which shocked me. Only thing that could have made it better would be me being leaner and seeing all the veins in my calves haha.

-Fat Storage
Didn't experience any fat gain in fact i noticed fat LOSS while on this product. It could have been due to my change in training but who knows.

My weight has dropped a few pounds due to me being sick but i look leaner and leaner it's awesome.
(Posted on 1/8/12)
Must have product ! Review by Mmacrazy
This stuff is beyond amazing. I did some reading on it and found a local vitamin store closing it out so I gave it a shot. Since then I have purchased 2 more bottles. This is a staple of mine when cutting because it allows me to eat some more carbs that usually don't agree with me to well.
2 pills and then a bowl of pasta and I'm feeling awesome !
Seriously try this. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 1/6/12)
Favorite GDA Review by AaronJP
Started using this off and on since Sept. 11 when I heard great results from it.
I dont expierence any upset stomach issues or any headaches or adverse effects.
I always remember to take this with my carb heavy meals: simple or complex.
What I have noticed is it gives me a nice full, swole feeling. :)
It also gives you a nice flexiable dosing pattern to use 1-4 caps per day with your meals.
It gives me lee-way with cheat meals and carbs. I prefer this to there GDA supplements I have used because I actually notice effects from it w/o crazy side effects. Its definetly worth the price & it doesnt dissapoint. (Posted on 1/4/12)
Pumps and fat loss Review by Jumpshot903
I incorporated this product as part of my cutting regimine a couple months back, i love carbs so i wanted to keep as much of them in as possible and this really helped i managed to lose 8 pounds in 6 weeks while gaining 20lbs on squat and maintaining or increasing strength across the board.

The pumps are amazing with this, probally the best pump i've gotten out of a nutrient repartioner especially dosed pre-workout meal sometimes my skin felt like it was going to burst in the gym.

Very solid product by a very good company. (Posted on 1/4/12)
I experienced a skin-tearing pump nearly EVERY workout with Glycobol! Review by KB
I was once a sufferer of "carbophobia"...for a long time! I was VERY eery about taking ~150g of carbs per day just in two of my meals, but Glycobol really delivers. I have not suffered from ANY bloat or nasty side effects. And, quite honestly, Glycobol has really helped to regulate my digestive system.

It is one of the best supplements I've ever taken. I soared through the holidays and my birthday without a nutritional care in the world, but only because Glycobol let me! I really felt more relaxed than ever because I knew the Glycobol was transforming my body in ways that I can't even explain. For the 30 days that I was privileged enough to take Glycobol, I ate at maintenance or a little above - so fat loss wasn't exactly my goal, however it still happened! I lost 2lbs in the 30 days which included 2 holidays and NYE! My waist measurement is down 2 inches and I gained inches in my biceps and back. I'm much more toned in my lower back and I even found these awesome muscles at the top of my legs haha. I know that when I cut, I'll have MUCH more definition and it's allll thanks to Glycobol.

(Posted on 1/3/12)

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