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HGHpro  (Bonus 3Z Trial)

HGHpro (Bonus 3Z Trial)

Product Review (submitted on August 3, 2011):
The ingredients shown in Hghpro have been shown in studies to stimulate growth hormone- L-dopa, gaba- although the gaba is under-dosed in my opinion- the study on pubmed I saw showed 2 grams was needed to raise gh levels 5.5 x's for 30 minutes- not 600 mgs. Green tea is related to gh levels as well ; maybe not the best thing to take before sleep, ive never really had any issues on it though. Love the alpha GPC which is somehow related to growth hormone output and has many other benefits besides gh release. Overall a nice growth hormone releaser. I take it at least 2 months on and usually i take it longer. I do like to take breaks from the stuff though as L-dopa stimulates dopamine production. When i take it I feel like I have better recover, clearer skin, and overall it helps a bit. I am 30 so my growth hormone levels are still really good-; although,the little extra is nice