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  1. STOKED!


    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price: $32.49

    STOKED!™ is a testosterone booster, that also possesses strong anti-oxidant and SERM-like properties which will change the way you train. Learn More
  2. Massularia 4:1

    Massularia 4:1


    Massularia 4:1
    You’ve never been this strong! Learn More
  3. Back to the Basics Stack

    Back to the Basics Stack


    Creatine, beta alanine, and caffeine! No hype needed. Creatine for lean mass, strength, and endurance. Beta Alanine helps to increase your ability to perfom at higher intensities for longer, and we all know and love the energy provided by caffeine. Stack these together and you are on the road to lean gains! Learn More
  4. Furious™



    You will feel the extremely powerful, full-body energizing, and mood elevating effects of FURIOUS™ within only minutes after your very first dose. This is an extremely advanced formula for serious lifters and athletes only. Be prepared to experience workouts that defy description and in turn radically propel you to unleash your fury! Learn More
  5. Cycle Support 2.0

    Cycle Support 2.0


    Helps maintain healthy hormone levels, protect organs, and boost immunity Learn More

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