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Maniac Fruit Punch

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Are you prepared for the most effective, best tasting pre-workout supplement on the market today? Release your Inner Rage in the gym with MANIAC!™, an Incredible pre-workout Formula!

Maniac Fruit Punch

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Are you prepared for the most effective, best tasting pre-workout supplement on the market today? Release your Inner Rage in the gym with MANIAC!™, an Incredible pre-workout Formula! Never has getting ready for the gym tasted so good. MANIAC combines the top leading pre-workout components into one great product that will change the way you workout. No more mediocre sessions and no more going home early. Focus! Energy! Pump! You will not want to leave the gym. Time to start recording some personal bests and busting through those plateaus. Grab your tub today and start training like a MANIAC!


Take 1-2 scoops 30-45 minutes before a workout.  Mix with water until you get your preferred taste.


MANIAC!™ is a very well-rounded pre-workout supplement, containing ingredients to make sure you have a productive workout.  Ingredients that will help with endurance, stamina, a pump, energy, hydration. Oh Yea. And the taste is awesome too!
What you will experience from MANIAC!™:

- Increased Pumps
- Extra aggression in the gym
- No Crash
- Increased Muscle Mass
- Increased Vascularity
- Insane Endurance
- Extreme Focus




Heath E, Norfolk VA:

"I am writing a testimonial for AI sports nutrition's product Maniac! Let me tell you first I have used every pre-workout drink known to man. I am a personal trainer myself and I work 12-15 hours a day, so when its finally time for me to workout I need a kick. And I happen to love the PUMP! When you open the lid to this product you can just smell a good workout coming! The Taste is absolutely AMAZING I dont know how they did it but this is definitely the best tasting PWO on the Market! Now down to the goods! It didnt take long for the energy to kick in about 15-20 min I started to get the tunnel vision like focus! The "Pump" came really fast about the time I finished my first working set I was pretty full. Mid way through my workout was where the magic happend, I felt like I exploded my chest (which is a weak part) was so full it was in my neck! Vascularity was unreal veins in my shoulders and arms pulsing with maniac juice! I also feel it gave me an edge in the strength department, but I honestly think it was the insane amount of energy I had! Thanks AI for making such a killer Pre-Workout! All my clients are maniacs too!!"



James Carter  Austin, TX:

"Pre workout products come and go and seem to die out of popularity.   MANIAC just seems to keep going and going with no stopping it in sight.    I have stacked this with Motivate before lifting competitions and every time I have sent a personal best.   It just makes me keep going and going and going.   It is like you don’t want to leave the gym because the pump is so good along with the strength and overall great workout"



Burt Jacobs  Las Vegas, NV:

"Amazing Pumps, Endurance, Focus and Strength.   Does it all.   Don’t take my word for it try a sample for yourself.  After one try I guarantee you will be using it for every workout.  I was on vacation and went to the hotel gym which actually was great compared to most of them.   I took my MANIAC! Like usual and I was like an animal in there.  Even the bigger guys were looking over at me when I was all pumped up.  I was throwing weight around like it was nothing.  They had these huge mirrors and I have to admit I looked a few times it was like I was possessed in a good way.  I was savage in there, one of my best workouts ever.   If you get it tell Burt recommend it maybe I get a free bottle"



Q. So what exactly is MANIAC!™? 
A. A culmination of ingredients designed to give you your best workout possible.  Producing huge pumps, vascularity, endurance, and energy, all while keeping you hydrated with added electrolytes.

Q. So what are the dosing recommendations? 
A. 1-2 scoops, 30-45 minutes before a workout.

Q. How long does a bottle last? 
A. It comes with an amazing 80 servings!   

Q. How long can I use it for? 
A. One to two months taken on training day 

Q. Does it matter if taken with or without food? 
A. No. 

Q. Will I gain strength? 
A. Yes 

Q. I have noticed some enhanced vascularity with MANIAC!™  Is that normal? 
A. Normal and expected.  Enjoy it! 

Q. I have a medical condition. Will MANIAC!™ cause problems with any medication I am taking? 
A. Always consult your doctor before using any new products.

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