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All Redemption forms must be accompanied by the proper number of army men. No exceptions.

All Redemptions must be able to be confirmed in our system. If you send an army man, but have no orders through the AI Sports Nutrition website your free item will NOT be sent. We will also keep your army men!

AI Sports Nutrition provides 1 (one) army man with each online order. If you have only ordered once you are not eligible for redemptions costing beyond the level of army men you have earned.

All army men must be exactly like the ones we sent out. After all, we know what we sent. Any army men coming in from another army will not be accepted and your item will not be sent.

If you have ordered from AI Sports Nutrition in the past and discarded your army men you are just plain out of luck. Anyone who is involved with our forums and social media mediums know that we told you guys to hang on to them. You're just out of luck.

Army men are not transferrable. Only the matching order and address can receive the free item You cannot add your buddy's army men to yours for a better prize. If you have changed your name or are hiding in the witness protection program we probably won't send you your item.

AI Sports Nutrition reserves the right to refuse any redemption that looks shady to us for whatever reason. If we cannot validate your orders, address, and name with the order we will not send. We all know you wouldn't try to scam us so this should be no worries for anyone.

Ship to: AI Sports Nutrition
               PO BOX 9088
               Canton, OH 44711

Questions of comments? Feel free to email CS@AISportsNutrition.com or call our customer service line @ 704-469-0081.